Plan of Care Review

Every 3 months we review psychotherapy progress toward goals.

Video/Online Therapy

No job is too small. Protect your investment and the environment.

RDAP Services

Federal Sentence Reduction Services.


The job will get done right the first time.


Professional, certified therapists you can trust in your home.


We respect your time and keep our schedule.

Just a few benefits of counseling

with 3Dimension Behavioral Health

Trauma Resolution

Stabilizing the patient while in their current traumatic state.

Increased Assertiveness

Aim for open and honest communication.

Less Anxiety

Get more sleep and have more proficient health.

Stress Relief

 Learn and practice relaxation techniques.

3 Dimension Inc

A Behavioral Health Company

We are equipped to help you with these conditions:

Depression, stress, anxiety, substance abuse, behavioral disorders, relationship issues, and many more behavioral health concerns.